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Peer paddle on the Lower Tryweryn

Peer paddle

A group of 5 had a great time on the Lower Tryweryn. We decided we wanted to start of with a bit of fun so we got on at the last drop of the upper section. We went down the first drop, Graeme decided he wanted to go down it upsidedown. This didn't seem to worry him and decided he wanted to run it again, the second time was almost a perfect run but required a role at the end. We all had bets that it would be Iain to be the first one to go over. But he had an amazing line, tho he didn't swim he gained a lot of water in his boat 😂. Iain thought this wasn't enough so went for a swim on the next drop which was the first of 5 swims. On the way down there was ninja rocks that would just jump out at you, that put our skills into practice. on one of the more technical bits, one of those rocks got me but I managed to do a roll pretty much one handed. We got to down to Bala mill falls, and all got out to talk about the line we thought was the best one to take. Elise took an interesting line down, but all smiles at the bottom. Graemes line wasn't quite the line he wanted. Chris learnt from the other two, which meant he got a great line. Iain gave it two attempts, but unfortunately it wasn't working so he made the decision to sent his boat down, and then climb down and swim to the eddie. I was in the eddie at the bottom being safety cover. We found out after we had got down the falls, from Elmo the person who lives in the house at the falls, that Iain is the third person ever to try and attempt to go down the falls in an OC1.

Chris Underhill Elise Shortman Graeme Sanderson Iain Sime Oliver Moore

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