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In order for the club to run smoothly and safely and for everyone to enjoy themselves, it is important that everyone is aware of and sticks to a few basic rules.

To ensure the River sessions and River trips run smoothly we have a few basic rules. Please take a minute to read through them.

1. Listen to Coaches and Leaders and follow instructions.

2. Helmets must be worn by all members on the water if paddling any type of kayak, unless advised differently by a coach/leader.

3. Helmets must be worn by all members in any craft when paddling In a weir or moving water.

4. Buoyancy Aids must be worn by all members to access the pontoon.

5. Wait for instruction from a coach or leader before getting on the water.

6. Stay with the group on the water, unless instructed differently by a coach/leader.

7. Wear and use appropriate kit.

8. Endeavour to arrive promptly and be ready to get on the water on time.

9. Everyone should help to get out and put away equipment before and after a session

10. Respect the environment, wildlife, other river users and aim to leave no trace.

11. Health and Safety is everyone's responsibility. If you spot a potential danger make sure the Leaders and others are aware.

River Rules


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To ensure the pool sessions run smoothly we have a few basic rules. Please take a minute to read through them.

1. Payment for each session is £6 per person and should be made before getting on the water.

2. Boats needs to be thoroughly cleaned. This includes removing the airbags and getting all the grit/leaves out. Boats will be inspected by one of the coaches and they will decide if it's clean enough to be used. Their decision is final.

3. t-shurts or rash vests and shorts to be waren by all memmbers in pool sessions

4. Boats and all equipment to be pushed away from the pool edge towards the walls and not left on the pool edge.

5. No swimming. You should only be in the water if you are assisting/coaching someone or have capsized.

6. No throwing of anything at anyone unless a specified polo session or throw line.

7. No rolling/capsize drills in the shallow end. It is only 2' 6" deep.

8. Respect coaches decisions. They are all volunteers.

9. Maximum of 10 boats on the water at any time unless instructed otherwise. 

10. No running in the pool area.

11. Have fun!

Pool Rules

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