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Hello, We are Wychavon Kayak and Canoe Club

(WKCC) is affiliated to the British Canoeing and based in Pershore, Worcestershire. Established in 1987, WKCC is involved with various canoeing, kayaking and SUP disciplines such as Whitewater Kayaking, Open Canoeing, Sea Kayaking, Surfing, SUP paddling and social events.


Where to Find Us

During the lighter summer months (usually from April until September), On Thursday evening at the Pershore Riverside Centre (next door to Pershore Leisure Centre) or meet at a local river as per our current programme. From our base at Pershore we have quick access to a couple of reasonable weirs depending on water level which are great for all levels of paddler.
During the winter months we meet at MSJ Sport and Fitness centre swimming pool in Malvern, we have volunteer coaches that  can help you progress your paddling ability at a range of different levels.


Equipment and Coaching

WKCC has a long tradition of encouraging and developing it’s coaching and has many well established BC coaches who are always on hand to supervise and assist on all of our sessions.
While we encourage people to eventually purchase their own equipment once they are established, we do have an extensive range of  Kayaks for both river and pool use and Canoes together with all of the appropriate paddles and safety equipment you will need to get you out on the water.


Meet The Committee

If you have any concerns or feel like you need to talk to somebody about something that has happened at the club or would like advice on a situation contact me or you can speak to anyone on the committee that you are comfortable with.

About me

Hi I joined in the club 2009. I'm a level 1 coach. I am mostly a fair weather paddler these days. I paddle a kayak mainly. I enjoy the social side as much as the paddling.

Claire Teagle

-New members/Membership 
-welfare officer


I have been a member of the club for over ten years and enjoy paddling on a variety of flat and white water rivers. I am a level 1 coach and like to help people develop their love of canoeing and kayaking.

About me

Simon Cosson



About me

I joined the club in summer 2018, with my only previous experience consisting of kayaking on a local lake in the summer holidays as a child (a long, long time ago!) With the help of various coaches at the club, I now enjoy flat water and white water paddling, with occasional over night trips in a canoe.

Dan Underhill



I joined WKCC at the end of 2013 with my son. My main passion is canoeing, from flat to white water and everything in between. I love being out on the river and paddle all year round. Last year I qualified as a paddlesport instructor.

About me

David Barthorpe



About me

I joined WKCC in 2018 as a non paddler. I now enjoy white water kayaking, with one of my favourite  spots being the Dee in Llangollen. I have done my white water safety and rescue training, and currently working towards my white water leadership qualification. I also enjoy canoeing and overnight paddles.

Chris Underhill 

About me


I joined the club in 2017. Now I really enjoy kayaking white water I love the edreliling I get after I have paddled a great feacher. I also do a bit of canoeing I enjoy Helping people to paddle and gain confedens. I am a 3* kayaker and a level 1 coach.


Elise Shortman

I joined the club in 2017.
I really enjoy White Water Kayaking and love the adrenaline I get after paddling a good feature on a river.
I also do a bit of Canoeing.
I enjoy helping people with their paddling and to gain confidence.
I am a 3* Paddler and a Level 1 Coach.

-Webmaster/ Publicity. 



About me

I’ve been a member of the club for over 15 years . I’m experienced level 1 coach and a 3 star canoe and kayaker. I enjoy canoeing on white and flat water

Paul Craven



About me

Having been a member for over 35 years I am at my happiest when I am on the water, either in kayak or canoe. I enjoy whitewater and flat water kayaking and canoeing as well as multi day canoe/camping trips in Scotland and elsewhere around the UK. As a qualified coach I enjoy helping others improve and develop their skills and broaden their paddling knowledge.

Clive Peason

Safety offeriser 



About me

Sharon Barthorpe

Committee member


About me

I have been kayaking since about 2020 and joined the club in 2021. My main interest is whitewater kayaking and with the support of the club I am trying to slowly improve my paddling.

Graeme Sanderson

Committee member

John Heath


Committee member

Committee member


About me

 I am a level 2 coach, got my 4* in White water, which is the old white water leader.I have been in the club since I was 8. So that currently mean I have been in the club for 15 years.


Ollie Moore 


I'm a level 1 coach with multipule other outdoor qualifications. I enjoy the excitment of white water kayaking and the calm stillness of river paddling. I joined the Club in 2018 and became a Commity memember in 2021 to help develop the club.

About me

Connor Godfrey


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