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Afternoon paddle at Symonds Yat

As a last minute decision, 4 of us went for an afternoon paddle at Symonds Yat rapids on Saturday afternoon. The levels were low, but still enough for some ferry gliding fun in different crafts. Ed Cosson in his playboat, (after swapping from his RPM) myself in my playboat, Connor Godfrey in his very green white water canoe, and Iain Sime in his OC1. We all swapped boats throughout the afternoon which was great fun and provided lots of laughs as we all tried to get to grips with Iains OC1. All I will say is how he got that down the lower tryweryn last week with only 5 swims is a miracle! Ed was doing quite well in the OC1 until he got a bit too confident and ended up swimming trying to hit the second from top eddy! Eventually we ended up with the rapids to ourselves (I think we scared everyone off!) so we decided to do some rescue practice with throwlines, and plenty of swimming practice as the weather was so nice. Connor even tried a planned roll in his canoe at the get out...more practice required! Good fun afternoon on the water. Chris Underhill, Ed Cosson, Conner Godfrey & Iain Sime

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