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Going out for a peer paddle.

A group of 4 had a great time on the Dee Sunday. The group took advantage of the canal running up to Horse Shoe Falls and decided to go in one vehicle parking at the bottom and paddling up the canal which was a good warm-up. All enjoyed the seal launch just below Horse Shoe Falls. Getting out at Serpent Tail to have a scout the group discussed and decided the best line to take then jumped back on and blasted through. All smiles and buzzing at the bottom so decided to have another run on it. Some challenged themselves to get the first and second Eddies. If hoicking out your boat and getting it over the rocks wasn't so tiring I think the group would have spent all day at Serpents . The group carried on down the river stopping at Mile End Mill for a play on some of the waves. Going towards Town Falls things didn't go quite so smoothly as had been planned. The levels being lower meaning it was scrapey and the wave above Town Falls was more of a drop surprising the group, unfortunately more so for Graeme but he managed a great roll and carried on through the falls brilliantly. Along with the rest of the group, all of whom saying they didn't think they took the best of lines but all made it through using great skills to keep them upright. After getting off the river the group went and looked at town falls from the bridge, talked about where things happened and what they would do next time.

Chris Underhill, Graeme Sanderson, Elise Shortman and Ed Cosson

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