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Llangollen Sunday touring paddle

What a fantastic treat we had today.

A paddle that was an utter surprise to us all.

The original plan was to paddle down the canal then join the river Severn to paddle back. But due to the canal being very over grown pur plans had to change quickly.

A wonderful lady who was a local river swimmer advised us of a great place to park up at the end so a river paddle was looking inevitable.

We started, due to the water levels being so low, walking steadily to the centre of the river to gain a good depth which put my new water shoes to the test and thankfully they passed with flying colours...

We paddled 7.2km from Abermule to Caerhowel,

which was nerve racking for a novice, but oh so thrilling as it was my 1st experience of rapids, albeit very small ones (apparently).

Along the paddle we had to judge it well so not to scape our Canoe's and Kayak's too much, being guided by our coaches Clive Pearson, Dave Barthorpe&Simon Cusson.

Us members in Canoe had to get out of the canoes to aid this but it was all part of an adventure.

We practised eddy's muliple times with 1 member taking a swim. But beautifully done!

I learnt several new strokes e.g Draw stroke and bow rudders.

What a wonderful introduction to moving water I had this day and very much looking forward with bated breath for my next!

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