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Tryweryn Trip 13th August

It was a early start for the trip to the Tryweryn (about a 5.30am ) for a peer paddle.

Chris Underhill, Elise Shortman (usual shotgun position), Connor Godfrey and I travelled in Chris’s van. Matt Wooliscroft and the lesser spotted Max Nutbeem drove in a second car.

It was already roasting upon our arrival at the National Whitewater Centre. Having applied factor 50 and various degrees of protective clothing - Max a rash vest vs me with full body armour - we slid down the launch ramp and into the famous dam release tryweryn.

We were running the upper tryweryn where you can do laps and there is a shuttle back to the top for your kayaks. On the first lap we took our time and did lots of eddie hopping. I had a roll in the eddie at Miss Davis’s bridge but otherwise everyone got on really well and was getting into their paddling.

The second lap was a little more eventful. Connor who had been paddling well on his first upper T trip was getting tired and had a couple of very brief swims on the graveyard sections. Elise had an amazing roll on this section too. Max was paddling like a member of the Jackson family. Matt, Elise and Chris were smashing it too. I was surviving rather than styling it.

At the ski jump I capsized on the stopper but third time lucky managed to roll up - Connor was right there to give me a hand if required.

At ‘fingers’ the fun started. Connor had a swim. He managed to get himself out ok. Chris went boat chasing and got caught out by the same feature but managed a roll and then continued boat chasing with Max. Connor, boat and paddle retrieved successfully.

We all regrouped over some lunch at the cafe (pizza with bbq sauce anyone ), or alternatively a slice of chocolate cake and a slice of carrot cake.

Connor had hurt his thumb and decided to call it a day. The rest of us had one last lap. Last lap went well apart from a swim for Elise in the graveyard section. Again Chris and Max were chief boat chasers. Like a hero she drained her boat and got back on it.

We then packed up for the drive home in the sunshine (thank you aircon)

Amazing day in the Welsh sunshine. Amazing scenery. Brilliant company. Brilliant to see everyone paddling so well on a challenging river. Thank you Matt and Chris for driving. Well done everyone.

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